Allow me to introduce myself!  My name is Amy, the face behind the “robust rookie.”  I’m a proud wife, sister, dog-lover, foodie, fitness fanatic, painter, gamer, gardener, musician, and world traveler.  And I’m an amateur at all of the above (except the dog-lover part); so that’s where the “rookie” part comes in.

As for Robust… By definition: Full of health, strength; marked by richness, fullness; active, dynamic.

This is how I think of my life.  I’m passionate about the things I love: my family = priority numero uno.  Prepare to be exposed to many pictures of my adorable pooch, Kilo!  And then there’s my other half, Mr. Robusto, who supports me in all my endeavors and doesn’t seem to be a rookie at anything!  He’s a real saint. ❤
I’m slightly obsessed with food; I love a big spinach salad almost as much as a chocolate-peanut butter-fudge-brownie-cookie ice cream sundae!  I love experimenting in the kitchen and surfing food blogs to see what the brilliant minds of other foodies are cooking up (one of the areas Mr. Robusto either benefits from or struggles through)!  Soon you’ll be able to find a splattering of healthy recipes along with deliciously indulgent desserts!  I’ll also occasionally be pointing you in the direction of things I’ve liked on other blogs.
To balance out all that food, I love everything fitness.  Running, biking, hiking, dancing, rollerblading, swimming, you name it!  I’ve obtained certification as a Group Exercise Instructor; not teaching any classes yet, but I’m looking forward to building my skills in this area and eventually motivating others.  I’ll probably share some my experiences as I try to enter the fitness world.
I dabble in other hobbies, but at this point in life I’m really looking to find my way, establish priorities, and MAKE time for the things that I love (that I often claim there’s no time for).  I’ve experienced a lot of life changes in the past few years and if nothing else, at least I can benefit from writing down my thoughts, feelings, and emotional breakthroughs.  Hopefully you can learn something as well!  So in a nutshell, this probably fits in the category of a food/fitness/personal development blog!

And so begins the documentation of a rookie’s journey to live life as robustly as possible!


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